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I am based in the Netherlands so all post will come from there. I can ship to most countries worldwide. 

Shipping cost is calculated on weight of products and destination  


3 zones to include Netherlands, Within Europe And Rest of World 

Then the costs are calculated by weight







Rest of world 
A4 letter - £2.50 (up to 50g weight) 
Up to 2kg - £24
Up to 5kg - £35
Up to 10kg £58                                                            10 kg plus £100

Within Europe
A4 letter  - £2.50 (up to 50g weight )
Up to 2kg - £8
Up to 5kg - £18
Up to 10kg - £25                                                                     
10kg plus  - £40

Within netherlands 

A4 letter- £1.50 (up to 50g weight)                               Up to 10kg-£6                                                             10kg plus-£15                                                             


Shipping normally takes 2-4 days within Europe and 3-7 days rest of world. Please note that these are not exact. All shipments will have track and trace.

I will aim to ship each order as soon as I can. If you have any special requests or need delivery ASAP then please email me and I can do my best to get it to you in time. There may be added costs for this.